Friday, April 1, 2011

Transitive Property: Scotland must be CRAWLING with hipsters

 Transitive Property: Scotland must be CRAWLING with hipsters

Have you noticed? It’s everywhere. Plaid.  The pattern once relegated to cowboys, bluegrass bands, clogging troupes, and the highland games (although the Scottish would call it “tartan” of course) now seems to be the favorite choice of hipsters near and far. To explain this phenomenon to myself, I employed the transitive property to arrive at a conclusion that is dubious, at best.

Many hipsters wear plaid.
Plaid (tartan) is from Scotland.
Scotland has many hipsters.

So, Scotland itself must be filled with skinny jeans, plastic dark rimmed glasses, weird beards, and sepia-tinted photography.   Please don’t assume I’m against hipsters. I’m wearing plaid right now.  I don’t think I qualify as a hipster, though. I mean, my favorite color is pink and I have no less than 4 sets of pearls.  So…probably not a hipster. I just like to pick and choose my favorite trends from various people groups.  (which is really what we all do so who is even to say hipsters, or anything, are a thing? I don’t know)

I like plaid.  I like plaid quite a bit.  An excess of plaid is not good. Plaid in proper amounts can be quite grand, really. Awhile back I saw some plaid fabric at Hobby Lobby in the remnant bin and quickly snatched it up.  I liked its down-to-earth feel (read: it is brown) and it subtle distinction (read: the plaid pattern isn’t too loud).  Oddly enough, I found out later my mom purchased the same fabric at a different Hobby Lobby in my hometown around the same time. Great minds think alike, I suppose….or the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I had exactly 1 yd, which is just enough to make a shirt. Well, a sleeveless shirt anyway.  I didn’t particularly feel like using a pattern so I used a shirt I already had as the shape inspiration.   I wish I’d taken pictures all along so I could write a lovely tutorial about how to make it like real craft bloggers do, but I didn’t.  I sewed crème ribbon around the neck and down the front to make a cool pattern because I thought that would be nice, and it sort of is.  If I did it again I probably would do something else, because I’m not totally loving the ribbon on front….it’s growing on me.  

If only I was wearing my dark rimmed glasses. Hipster fail.


  1. Most likeable hipster I ever saw!

  2. I don't know if I could think of a better time to wear those glasses. We'll have to have a hipster photo shoot, if only to educate Amelia on the concept. She's a visual learner.