Friday, March 25, 2011

If my sewing was music, it would be Indie-Folk

Classic "before" shot!

Another reverse appliqué blanket! (By the way, the last one I made, the baby blanket, has totally now been used, with some success, with the baby in question. Awesome!) As before, the blanket is constructed of delightfully soft flannel and the bit that peaks through is cotton calico.  This time I tried a new design (but stuck with the same basic methods so if you are wondering check out the old post HERE).  Instead of stars and moon, I did some lines to give it a sort of quilt effect and then did my mom’s initials- she requested this as a birthday gift after the saw the first one I made.  

So….here it is.  I like doing these blankets.  They are quite time consuming though, as the designs have to be both stitched and cut out by hand.  I like to work on them while watching movies; it’s nice for your hands to have something to do while your mind is otherwise engaged.  

VBS- Vacation Bible School, or my mom's initials.

A rustic look, if you will


  1. I love this and I know that she will love it! Has she already seen it? Courtney, I love how you learn a new technique and then run with it! Beautiful work!

  2. Thanks Mary! She has seen it, her birthday was in January, I just now got around to posting about it! Looking forward to seeing you soon!