Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crafts from the Past 2: Whiskers, Prince of Thieves

Some of you may recall my first “Crafts from the Past” entry, which was primarily centered on my amateur carpentry experience in building a house for my cats.  This story is similar. You may be wondering why so many craft-centered stories from my childhood involve cats.  I would submit to you that this is really quite a good thing; should a child really be making clothing or homes for people?  That sounds like child labor...and would result in poorly made merchandise.

Anyway, Whiskers was a birthday present my brother and I received at ages 7 and 5, respectively.  He was a rough and tumble character known for bird killing, mole hunting, eating cheeseburgers left in neighbor’s station wagons, fight winning, and, when few were watching, riding in toy baby carriages.  
Mr. Whiskers, in one of his more docile moments.

One year I decided he ought to have a costume for Halloween.  I like to think that Whiskers (God rest his little cat soul) liked the costume I made for him.  

Robin Hood.

Yes, Whiskers went as the Prince of Thieves himself.  After all, Robin Hood (the Disney version) was a fox!  Please note his tiny quiver of arrows, his cloak, and his little felt hat with feather. 
Scrapbook Shot. Happy Cat? Perhaps.


  1. That's awesome Courtney! :)

  2. I feel personally offended that I have never heard this story before.

    Other than that, this serves as proof that you were always awesome.

  3. Thanks Jessica!

    Other Jessica: I am sorry that Whisker's clothing never came up in the past 10 years. In my defense, you never mentioned Stormy's.