Saturday, April 16, 2011

Overnight Oats = Easy Delicious Breakfast

I read food blogs from time to time, and I’ve been reading for a while now about this breakfast phenomenon called “Overnight Oats”.  Now, sometimes I catch trends a little late so forgive me if this is old news to you.  This is what I've been eating for breakfast all this week- I really like this! I love oatmeal but sometimes it's just too hot for oatmeal here in the peach state!

Basically, to make overnight oats you combine oats, milk, yogurt, and maybe some honey and dried fruit.  Then, you cover them up and pop them in the fridge overnight, add some fresh fruit in the morning, and there you go.  A delicious, nutritious breakfast all ready and waiting for you!

I’ve seen recipes that call for equal parts yogurt, oats, and milk.  I sort of like a higher oat to liquid ratio myself so my recipe has almost as much oats (as many oats?) as it does yogurt and milk combined. You can play with it, it’s not an exact science. Here’s what I did the other day:
I used microsoft publisher to make this.  That's right. PUBLISHER. Artists everywhere are cringing.

½ cup oats
1/4 cup lowfat vanilla yogurt (want to make your own yogurt? check out my old post HERE)
¼ cup unsweetened almond milk
A drizzle of honey
Sliced strawberries

Combine the first 4 ingredients; store covered in the fridge overnight. Add berries in the morning and then enjoy!

Of course, you could use whatever milk, yogurt, and fruit you fancied.  This is just what I had on this particular day.  I’ve used regular milk as well, I was just feeling almond-y that day.

Here are some other great recipes for overnight oats:

Overnight Oats at The Weekly Bite (I'm a big fan of The Weekly Bite)

Tastes better than it looks, promise.


  1. I hadn't heard of this, but now I'm so excited to try it!!!

  2. oh.
    oh my.
    I had no idea something involving some of the best ingredients on earth (oats and yogurt) existed.
    I'm making this ASAP.

  3. Thanks for making this for me- it was really good:)

  4. P.S. I like seeing our Kohl's spoons online.

  5. Courtney, thank you for sharing this recipe. I didn't like oatmeal, but turns out this is very good! :)