Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank Goodness for Professor Bhaer

The MySpaceness of this picture kills me. Softly. (with its song?)

"...and she came walking in with a very queer expression of countenance, for there was a mixture of fun and fear, satisfaction and regret in it, which puzzled the family as much as did the roll of bills she laid before her mother, saying with a little choke in her voice, 'That's my contribution toward making Father comfortable and bringing him home!'

'My dear, where did you get it? Twenty-five dollars! Jo, I hope you haven't done anything rash?'

'No, it's mine honestly. I didn't beg, borrow or steal it. I earned it, and I don't think you'll blame me, for I only sold what was my own.

As she spoke, Jo took off her bonnet, and a general outcry arose, for all her abundant hair was cut short.

'Your hair! Your beautiful hair!' 'Oh, Jo, how could you? Your one beauty.'"

- Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

Her ONE beauty. Can you imagine if someone told you your hair was your ONE beauty? I’m all about inner beauty and razor-sharp intelligence, but I’ll admit if someone told me my hair was my ONE beauty AFTER I cut it off, I might feel a bit…low…for a while. I mean, that’s like saying “before, you were barely tolerable, and now you’ve sunk to new lows!”  

I know that isn’t what the good March sisters really meant, but it lingers with me, you know.  I feel for poor Jo.  It makes me so happy at the end when Professor Bhaer says “but I have nothing to offer you. My hands are empty” and she put her hands in his and says “Not empty anymore” and then they get married and open a school for underprivileged boys (have you read Jo's Boys or Plumfield? You ought to).

But I digress.

This post is intended to be about a flower hair clip. Please accept my apologies for the long and only vaguely related intro.  Hair accessories seem to be very, very in right now.  You know what I’m talking about.  Those headbands with the little flowers on the side? Everybody’s wearing them.  And the clips! The pins! Flowers, beaded do-dads, feathers! We’re decorating ourselves very liberally these days.  This is a trend I’ve largely avoided because for some reason I think these things look sort of odd on me.  That said, in moderation I like them very much and with the right outfit I would wear them if I had them.  The other morning I got dressed and felt my outfit was calling for a hair accessory, so I made one, right then and there, that morning. (and yes, I did make it to class on time).  This flower is a variation on fabric flowers I’ve talked about before on here.  HERE is a link to a site that shows you how to make them!  I sewed a bit of lace on the middle and also stitched on a few pearl beads.  I hot-glued it to a hairclip, and that was it.  30 minutes, tops.

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  1. I feel that Kirsten Dunst really owned that line in the 1994 production. She really took it to its maximum bratty level.

    As for your hair clips, awesome as always.