Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trouble Sleeping? The Magic Sofa Just Got More Magical

 I have a magic sofa.  It’s in my room.  It used to be in our living room, but we (my roommates and I) moved last year, and it doesn’t fit in our new living room.  It’s a magic napping sofa.  Seriously, it is the perfect size for a perfect nap.  (It’s also good for movie-watching, homework-doing, reading, writing, and being on your computer like I am right now!) I’ve been napping on this sofa for pretty much the duration of my entire existence, because it used to be at my grandparents', then in the basement at my family’s house, and for the last few years it’s been at my apartment.  

Remember how I said last post I bought some bird fabric? Today I got home from school, did some thesis-related stuff (today was amazingly productive, can I get a high-five?!), and then found myself looking at my new bird fabric. 
fabric, with the proper pieces cut out

 The pattern-on-whiteness of it made me think “pillowcase”.  So…..I made a pillowcase.  Pillowcases are perhaps one of the easiest things in the world to make; if you are just starting out you should definitely make one. I think it would be rewarding. Basically, you just cut a piece of fabric twice as large as the pillow in question, hem the top part, fold it over right-side-to-right-side, and sew the two sides together.  I wanted a bit more pizzazz for this particular pillowcase, so I used some of my fabric to make a ruffle by folding it over, sewing it, then pinning it too the edge of the pillowcase body in a ruffly way. 
I like ruffles.

 I decided that this pillow should belong to the magic sofa.  Together, they cannot fail.  I think perhaps this sofa and this pillow have the sleep-inducing capabilities of both Ny-quil and Benadryl (Um, I do not advocate the taking of these medications for use as a sleep aid.  They just make me very sleepy when I have to take them for legitimate illness-related reasons.)
I could go to sleep just LOOKING at this.

Sweet Dreams :)

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