Monday, December 6, 2010

A Memo Board Not Intended for Alfred Hitchcock

A Memo Board Not Intended for Alfred Hitchcock

Here, as promised, is a little crafty tidbit I saved up to show you while I’m busy working away like one of those little mice in Cinderella on Christmas presents (Those mice make some NICE clothes. Can you imagine if Cinderella went to the Oscars or something? “Oh, Cindy, who are you wearing?”  “It’s an original Gus-Gus”)  This project would be easy to recreate in a variety of colors and patterns- it would be fun in a variety of sizes too!
This is actually my favorite fabric ever so far.  I love that bird.

1)      Obtain frame of reasonable size. This one was for an 8 X 10 picture, I think. Maybe bigger.
2)      Paint frame desired color.
3)      Cut a piece of thin wood the size to fit inside the frame (or use the piece that comes with it)
4)      Cover that piece with batting.
5)      Cover the batting with the fabric of your choice. (I used hot glue to secure it)
6)      Use ribbon to create a nice holding place for cards, pictures, and the like (again, hot glue)
7)      Pop covered board back into frame.
8)      Voila! You’ve made a memo board!

I made this one for my Mom’s birthday last year.  I just love the cheery little birds on the fabric.  These are NICE birds, not mean ones like in Hitchcock’s The Birds.  This sweet little long-legged guy wouldn’t dream of pecking your eyes out, Tippi Hedren.  He just wants to hold your memos, and cheer you up on rainy days.


  1. I like that "Gus-Gus" is a tag in this post, and not to call you out or anything, but Gus-Gus didn't ever do that much work towards Cindy's dresses. It was Jaq's masterpiece, clearly.

  2. I'm a champion for the every mouse. Give Gus-Gus a chance. You don't know what he went on to become.

  3. This memo board is the MOST ADORABLE memo board ever in the entire universe. It brings great cheer, not so much to Tippi, but to its lucky owner!


  4. I love this! i want one! :)