Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Manly Crafts, Gumby, and Wolverine: A Video Post

I don't say "like" this much in real life, I hope. I don't know what that weird noise is, either. I'm not sure if this was a good idea....but my none of my roommates were around to stop me.


  1. Now where have I heard that "manly" term? I bet you are doing something just perfectly manly!

    Love you,

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  3. I think that the Wolverine sock puppet is for hipster-comic-book-loving men who are impossible to shop for because they buy all the expensive, geeky stuff for themselves the moment they make it through the store line. They also camp outside the store to get in the line first.

    ....all this said, I would actually like a Wolverine puppet. Birthday idea?

  4. I think your dad is totally a hipster kind of guy!

  5. Sorry Courtney that was me, Rebecca, not Chris. This computer automatically recognized me as him. Happy crafting!