Tuesday, December 28, 2010

John-Jon Notebooks

I made some notebooks for my wonderful cousins recently.  I’ve made a few notebooks like this before, but only for myself. Ah! Notebook selfishness!  I learned this super cool notebook-decorating technique at a Women’s Retreat “craft time” a few years ago.  Craft Time!!!!!! Love it.

  1. Get notebook.
  2. Decorate with paper-based materials of your choice. (In the past, I’ve done magazine cut outs.  This time, I got some cool scrapbooking paper and printed stuff on it for a more cohesive look, I suppose.  Then I painted a bird on it. I did the fronts and the backs, but only the the fronts are pictured)
  3. Cover front and back with clear packing tape for awesome durability and optimal shininess.

Both cousins got a “John/Jon” themed notebook. 

For Erin I went with a John Wesley theme (it’s covered with his quotes (well, quotes attributed to him at least), hymns, and his sermons) Weird?  Not really, because John Wesley was awesome.  Also, she’s in divinity school. She is also an awesome knitter, and you can check out her sweet Christmas projects over on her blog.  Erin, like John Wesley, is very wise, has spent a considerable amount of time in Georgia, and enjoys travelling.  

For L.L I did a Jon Foreman theme.  Switchfoot happens to be her favorite band and she’s even met the guy, so I covered hers with Switchfoot and Jon Foreman lyrics.  Yes, of course Company Car made it on.  That’s a great song.  L.L, like Jon Foreman, is an excellent singer, often sports shoulder length hair, and can pull off the wearing of hip hats. 


  1. They look great! Have you ever done that to a clipboard? My friends and I did that a lot in college...one of my friends even made them for us as bridesmaid gifts!

  2. No, I've never done a clipboard. That would be so cool! I'll have to try that. Thanks for sharing!