Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Circle of Life (of T-Shirts)

I didn’t post in December at all.  I was on sabbatical in Brazil, living in the rain forest among toucans and those giant sloths you see in National Geographic. Just kidding.  I was just busy. I did, however, find time to get a little crafty with some old t-shirts before heading home for the holidays. 

This first little bit of fun is yet another fabric flower, good for a pin, hair clip, or perhaps as a bunch in a vase.  All you need is an old t-shirt and some scissors!  Basically, you just cut strips, pull them so they get curly on the edges, wrap around your hand, tie a strip around the middle, and cut the loops on both sides.

The previous sentence is an example of how to maximize comma usage.





I seem to be in a craft rut of making scarves and flowers, so for our next feature....a scarf!  My mom saw these on pinterest and she made me a green one.  I liked it so much I made a gray one too!  They are very easy to make.  Just cut off the bottom of a t-shirt (maybe about a foot of shirt), cut off the hem, and then cut strips to about halfway. It’s hip, it’s happening, it’s now.  I’m not saying you should wear it to a fancy dinner, but to the video store? Sure. I find that the relative hipsterness of my apparel is positively correlated with the talkativeness of the video store employees.  

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