Friday, September 9, 2011

Chiffon Part Deux: Let it Burn

and other things.

 A while ago I posted about some chiffon flower hairclips I’d made (Check it out here). I had picked up a whole yard of chiffon in the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby.  I think it’s weird to call an entire yard a remnant.  I thought the whole point of a remnant was that it was less fabric than anyone would conceivably want to purchase, which is why most remnants are less than a yard.  It’s not like Hobby Lobby is selling chiffon in great quantities.  Oh well, I shouldn’t complain, because I got it for half-price since it was a “remnant”.  After making the two aforementioned flowers, I had quite a bit of fabric left. Not enough to make any clothing, of course (besides, I don’t have a serger and chiffon looks sad when you hem it the regular way).

I made another flower with the remaining selvage-side, like last time.
Expect the photography to go downhill from here, okay?
And yes, I totally got this sweater at target. 

And then I thought “I must seek out a new, more challenging method!”

With this method, you cut out somewhat concentric, somewhat circular shapes and then burn the edges with a lighter until they curl up a little.
Concentric Circles!

I don’t usually bring fire into my craft projects.  Hot glue? Sure.  But fire? That seems a little risky.

Cut to me, sitting cross-legged on my bathmat, holding a piece of chiffon in one hand and my super cool 3-way candle lighter in the other, tentatively touching the flame to the fabric all while learning over the bathtub, which I’d partially filled with water in the event that everything caught fire and I had to drop it.

It all went very well, really.  I only had to blow out tiny little fires once or twice and the precautionary bathtub of water was quite unnecessary.
I really need to take a photography class or something.  

The first flower I tried was small, cream-colored, and I used a button for the center. (I attached the layers with a few small stitches prior to adding the button)  For the second flower I was feeling a bit more adventurous (more adventurous than FIRE, you ask?), so I pulled out my watercolors and painted the chiffon before burning (singeing?) the edges.  I fixed the layers together with fabric glue this time and left off the button. (but I did put a cute little bird holding a letter in the middle)  For both of them, I glued a felt circle to the back before adding a hairpin/regular pin
Painted Concentric Circles!
It looks better in person. I hope.

I’ve still got a fair amount of chiffon left….so….let me know if you’re in need of trendy accessories.


Hey, I was on a kick today, and I couldn’t stop.  I finished up (almost) all my schoolwork like a good girl so I could enjoy (almost) all the weekend, so as soon as I got home I reached for my sewing box. What’s that? You’re laughing at me for spending my Friday afternoon sewing? Well, whatever.  We all have our things.

Here’s some more pins and clips made with the leftover fabric from my Scottish Hipster shirt.  
Also, I finally broke down the steps for how to make this kind of flower- and they are as follows:
  1. Cut out a circle
  2. Fold the edge over ever so slightly, and do a basting type stitch along the folded over edge.
  3.  Pull tightly and gather.
  4. Sort of push it into shape, and tack it down with a few stitches.
  5. Add a button. Or don’t. I just like to add a button.

I love these sweet little flowers, I use them in projects all the time.  Like this shirt I made last summer:
"Hey, Take a picture like I'm just casually sitting here" "But you are just casually sitting there" 


I bought some new stamps the other day, further expanding my custom-stationary horizons.  How precious are these birds?


  1. "We all have our things" - we do indeed. I would like a trendy chiffon accessory. I would wear it and get compliments for you.

  2. Then you shall have one, perhaps two, for being my most loyal comment writer.

  3. So maybe you can come up with some cute stationary designs? I finally found the envelopes, but they are plain and boring. I was thinking of placing some tropical paper behind each address label to jazz it up, but what else can I do?