Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hall of Shame Volume 2: Video Fail

It’s time. After several months, I bring you the second installment of

CourtCouldMakeThat: Hall of Shame

Oddly enough, this is also my second video post.

This is not really a craft, but it is something I made…and it is quite a failure.  I once made a video with my brother on his Mac and iMovie made it seem so cool and easy. “I can do that,” I thought.  Then I got a new camera, and it takes videos! Videos, I tell you! I hastened to film the closest living being, who happened to be…my cat. Yes, I made a cat video. Just like thousands of other internet users.  Let me break it down for you.

Anatomy of a Good Cat Video:
-          The cat is cute and also visible
-          The cat is doing something interesting or hilarious
-          The video is appropriately short
-          The music/other audio is appropriate to the adorable cat situation at hand

I have scored my own cat video with a 0.5 out of a possible 4 points. Yes, POINT FIVE, because while my cat is cute, she is invisible for most of the video, being covered with a sheet (of her own volition).  She is not doing something interesting, or hilarious, unless moving around under a sheet is funny, which I guess at the time, I thought was funny. It’s not. The video is way too long, I’m bored just talking about it, and for a truly inexplicable reason I chose “I Know What I Know” by Paul Simon as the music.

Also, I do not have a Mac. I have a PC…with Windows Movie Maker? I think that is what I used.  It was hard to use, and I don’t even know how that “The End” got on there. Whatever.

So basically, my cinematic experience was a failure, and I share it with you because...well..I don’t know.  Catharsis? 
I'm just doing my part to add one more cat video to the internet. What are you doing?

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  1. The following comment is not meant to bring any more shame to you; it is but a fact. When I saw this video, I laughed so hard that I disturbed more than a few people in the office.