Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let’s Talk About the Pink Elephant in the Room

This is a perfect example of what Court Could Make That is all about.  Whilst perusing various sewing notions and craft baubles a while back, I came across some elephants made of pink ribbon. SO cute.  I knew I could make them- I just needed to see what they looked like on the back so I could figure out how.  Alas, they were stuck to a piece of white cardboard and covered in plastic!  So, I bought them, brought them home, and investigated. Very simple to make- if you ever want to know how just give me a holler.  This whole project took less than 10 minutes, I’d guess, and I already had all the materials at home! Please note that the elephant even has little ribbon tusks!

I made my own elephant to go on a hair bow that would be perfect for a little girl. I guess I’ll save it for a few years until my niece has hair.  Haha! Check it out.  Of course, it is most unfortunately modeled on my head, which is a bit odd, since I am much too old for an elephant hair bow. 

Pink Elephant Hair Bow!

Much too old for a pink elephant hair bow!

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  1. Remarkably handy o_o!!!~~How lucky your niece is to have such a nice aunt!

    Ying S