Friday, October 15, 2010

OctoberPostFest2: In Which a Plant is Snatched from the Jaws of Death

OctoberPostFest 2: In Which a Plant in Snatched from the Jaws of Death

Before I begin, allow me to introduce my dear friend Jessica's blog, which chronicles her life an an intern at the Wesley Foundation.  Go check it out at

Those of you who know me perhaps will know that I am descended from a line of excellent gardeners.  My grandfather, in fact, is officially a “Master Gardener”.  My Great-grandfather (other side) actually owned a nursery (for plants, obviously) and invented (spliced? Grafted?) his own special kind of plant, if I’ve heard the stories correctly.

About a month and a half ago I was walking through the store when I spotted this sad little fellow.  The store was all but giving him away, he was marked down to a mere 99 cents.  99 cents, for a delightful miniature yellow rose plant.  Granted, this little plant had one foot (root?) in the grave.  Look at it.  So sad, so thirsty.  Abandoned by its fickle master (the store) and sold for a pittance.  I took one look at this plant and said “Come with me, Little Plant, and I will take care of you.” 

I didn’t say that out loud, of course.  That would be ridiculous.
I’m not claiming to be a master gardener here.  What I know about gardening wouldn’t fill a thimble. Well maybe a thimble, but not much else and there would be room at the top.  Basically all I did was prune off those dried up flowers that were sucking the life out of the little plant (this is called “deadheading”, I am told) and water it devotedly.  Now, several weeks later, it looks like this:

Yes, I attempted to paint the pot.  No, it doesn’t look very good, but it is sort of charming in special way.  You will all soon find out that painting straight lines is not my forte.  Look at how nice and green the plant is, though, and so much fuller!  I ought not to have taken this picture at night.  It’s not very good….

I can’t wait to see if it flowers again. I hope it does.  I’ll bring it inside for the winter.


  1. Straight lines are for amateurs.

    Thanks for the plug! This works out nicely, us joining the blogsphere. I can confirm every story you ever tell is truthful and you can be an ardent follower of my musings. Just kidding, but seriously.

  2. Thanks for being my most dedicated commenter, Jessica. It helps my blogging self-esteem. haha.