Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY Hula Hoop Circus Tent

It’s been a while, blog friends. I guess I was….doing other things like you do other things (If anyone can correctly identify that song lyric reference I will virtually high five you if you are an internet stranger and actually high five you if you are a person I know)

Let it be known here and now that I understand I am one of the worst craft/inspiration bloggers around. My pictures are almost always from my phone, I rarely detail the steps necessary to complete the project, and I usually spiral off into other subjects.  That said, at least a few people read this and I enjoy the opportunity to write things other than research papers so I'm going to keep doing it.

I made this sweet tent for my niece this Christmas and she seemed to really like it! I was inspired by a few things I saw on pinterest- like THIS and THIS. I decided I wanted K’s to be more circus-y, which is why I added the pennants. Anyway, let me attempt to sort of tell you what I did in case you’re really interested.
Instagram here often?

 The tent itself is made of 2 twin flat sheets (striped to get that circus-y look, or course). I cut one sheet in half and added an extra panel from the other sheet to make it big enough, taking care to keep the hems straight so the stripes were not messed up.  The frame is just a hula-hoop; I got the biggest one I could find for maximum tent fun.  I sewed a flap of fabric all around the circumference of the tent, with velcro on 2 sides to make a sort of long, cylindrical pouch to hold the hoop.  This way, the tent fabric can be removed and washed, which is a big deal for toddler things (or so I am told). The top part is gathered with a “ribbon” sort of deal also made of the striped fabric. The pennants I made out of felt and hand-sewed on (which took forever so I just did it whenever I was watching TV)……those instructions are pretty clear, right? I’m sorry. I promise I’ll do better someday. Maybe. I have many hobbies…and a job…and I’m a career student. Oh! And friends. I have friends. Very important. Very time consuming.

Anyway, the tent seemed to be a big hit with K.  At first she was a bit terrified of it but she warmed up to it and then she just couldn’t get enough of running in and out of it. I gave my brother the necessary hardware to hang it from the ceiling, but you could hang it from a tree outside or something else too. (I got the hook for the ceiling at Lowe's, the one store where I always say "yes, please" when the sales people ask if I need help) Since it is pretty big, hopefully she can enjoy it for years to come.  Then, when she’s probably about 10 or so she’ll think it is super lame all of the sudden but that is totally okay.
Oh hey cutie! 


Remember the cool reverse applique blanket I made for K the Christmas before she was born?  (why would you?) Check it out HERE. (I actually made one of these for my soon-to-arrive new niece or nephew but I forgot to take pictures, sad!)

Until next time,

PS- Get ready for the craft of all crafts. It's coming. 

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