Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Might Be My Favorite Chocolate Cake Ever

I've now made this cake twice; Once for my Grandfather's 80th birthday two years ago and once for my Dad's 51st Birthday a few days ago. I was sold the first time, but this cake takes a fair amount of dedication (aka time) so it took me a while to make it again. (Note: The recipes themselves aren't very hard, it is just that making the cake requires 4 different recipes!!) This recipe comes from Southern Living and is called Bourbon Chocolate Cake with Praline Frosting; I found it in the magazine a few years ago but you can find it HERE online. Allow me to break it down and tell you why it is so delicious.
Hello, Delicious Cake.

A. The cake itself.
The layers are fairly thin, with a fine crumb (aka it is fairly dense).  It is usually very moist as long as you don't over bake!  The chocolate flavor isn't as intense as some cakes, but I think it is perfect for this one because you get so much chocolate from the....
B. The chocolate ganache.
The ganache recipe is very simple: chocolate chips, cream, butter. Yum Yum Yum. I love that this cake doesn't have the usual buttercream or 7 minute frosting (or canned store bought frosting). The ganache goes in between the layers and on the sides, and it makes the whole cake feel/taste very rich. True Confession: I have a liberal hand when it comes to frosting-application so I made a double recipe and had some left over.
C. The bourbon glaze
I'm not much of a drinker....and I'm not a liquor drinker at all.  However, the bourbon glaze absolutely makes this cake the best.  It gives it a really nice flavor that kind of cuts some of the sweetness going on.  Besides, you get to light the glaze on FIRE and that is pretty fun.
D. The praline frosting
It doesn't get much better than pralines, and praline frosting may be my new favorite of all frostings.  It is simple to make and completely delicious. When it cools it gets harder, like..um...well, pralines. This simple frosting would go a long way in dressing up a plain chocolate cake even without the ganache and glaze.

Consider this a rave review.  Thanks, Southern Living, for this great recipe!

PS- I have to tell you, this is definitely a special occasion cake.  I can't say I'd recommend this for everyday consumption. I think you end up using close to a pound of butter after the whole thing is said and done.  Everything in moderation!


  1. Courtney, your web page background looks very psychedelic! And the cake looks delicious. :)

  2. Why haven't we had this cake at the Bayou before? It looks amazing!

  3. Thanks Young!

    and Jessica...the reason I haven't made it at the bayou is because we never have bourbon!

  4. and it was awesomely delicioso! -Rachel