Friday, October 28, 2011

4 dollars, 3 yards, 2 scarves, 1 hour

4 Dollars, 3 Yards, 2 Scarves, 1 Hour

Facts: The title of this post is slightly misleading.  I actually spent 4.50 on the fabric, but it didn’t look as snappy when the title was “4.5 Dollars, 3 Yards, 2 Scarves, 1 Hour.” You understand.

Fall is here, and winter is coming! That means scarves! Actually, these days we seem to wear scarves any old time, even the summer.  I’m sort of hot-natured though, so I can only wear fashionable lightweight summer scarves when it is decidedly cool.  I make a lot of scarves, and things with birds on them. I should probably branch out.  The fact is, though, that scarves are one of my favorite “quicker” projects (as long as you aren’t knitting it) and when your life is filled with words like “thesis” , “master’s degree”, and “graduating on time” sometimes you can't spend as much time on your hobbies as you might like.

You folks know I have a hard time passing up a good fabric deal. So, when I found this awesome, light, sort of chiffon-esque fabric on the 1.50/yd rack, I got 3 yards.  The friendly saleslady suggested I make a nice blouse, but I felt like wearing this rather loud pattern ALL over the top half of my body would make me look sort of crazy. So, I decided to make a scarf! At first I was going to use my sewing machine to hem my scarf, but this fabric was kind of slippery and my folds kept unfolding.  So, I remembered my edge-burning method from my chiffon flowers and decided to singe the edges to prevent frays.  I think this was a pretty good decision because it eliminated a bulky hem on a delicate fabric.

First, I wanted to make a square scarf, so I folded the edge of the 3yds down into a triangle and cut along the line to make a square.  You know, like you used to in school when you had a rectangular piece of paper and you needed a square to make one of those foldy fortune teller doo-dads.  I wanted it to be a square so I could fold it into a triangle and wear it am uncertain what this method of scarf-wearing is called…a neckerchief?  That doesn’t sound right.  I’m going to leave you with a picture, and hope you know what I mean.  For the second scarf, I just used the remaining long triangle, which was slightly less than 2 yds.  I singed all the unfinished edges, and DONE.  I kept one for myself, and gave the other to my dearly beloved friend/roommate, Sammy.
Photography by Sammy!
What IS that?

Self-timer fail.

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