Monday, January 10, 2011


“Snowbirds” often refers to folks who flee to warmer climates to escape the chilly months of their more permanent homes. In this case, however, it refers to birds who are in the snow.

Last night, to borrow a phrase from a friend, Narnia exploded where I live.  For those of you who aren’t as Chronicles of Narnia oriented as myself, that means it snowed.  It snowed quite a lot, really, and way down south here in the land of cotton (which is the number 2 agricultural export according to a USDA 2009 fact sheet, so I suppose we should be the land of broilers, which is the number 1 export.  That means chicken, by the way.)  that is a BIG DEAL.  I enjoyed playing in the snow this morning, took care of the necessary academic responsibilities, and have now settled down to update my little corner of the internet.  

It was so much fun watching the birds in the snow this morning.  It’s so much easier to see them when everything is white.  Our porch was visited this morning by Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, and they looked quite stunning.  I do feel a bit sorry for Mrs. Cardinal, whose plumage is not as bright as Mr. Cardinal. However, in the bird world, it seems to be the males who are responsible for dressing up all fancy and drawing attention. Go figure. I guess that’s good for Mrs. Cardinal, she gets to wear sweatpants all the time if she feels like it.  Anyway, the birds inspired me to share with you another project I worked on for Christmas. It’s kind of perfect, because this project was inspired by a BIRD in the SNOW!  This one was for my Mom, who has a love of birdhouses (If you ever come to my family home, you could practically play Where’s Waldo with the birdhouses.  There is at least one in almost every room). In keeping with a bird-oriented theme, I made her this little…um…I don’t know what to call it.  Let’s just go with “art”. I would detail the steps for you, but I think it’s fairly self-explanatory.  I LOVE crafts with birds, I think. Looking over some of my past crafts, BIRDS and TEAPOTS seem to be my number one muses.  That’s sort of unusual.
Chirp Chirp.

This is an unrelated picture of my dog on a day when it was not snowing.

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  1. I like Hershey made it into the post, as well as the birds:)