Sunday, September 5, 2010

When Good Crafts Go Bad

New Feature:

Court’s Crafts Hall of Shame

Sometimes my little projects do not turn out great.  I think on the whole, they are usually very nice, and often useful or at least pleasing to look at. Or eat.  But not all the time.

Here is my first self-submission to the Hall of Shame.  Last summer I had a day with a bit too much free time.  Combine that with a pink box I found in my closet, some old pink ribbon, leftover lace from my Halloween costume, a glue gun, and an old birthday card and you get this…….thing.


Someone needs to revoke my glue gun license.

“Oh, does that box have….a skirt?”  Um, yes. Yes it does, unfortunately.  Remember how I said that sometimes too much was just enough? Well, sometimes too much is WAY too much.  And now the little container I keep my paper clips and safety pins in looks totally ridiculous.  I keep it as a reminder that more is not always better.  Actually, I keep it because I have nothing else to keep my paper clips and safety pins in. 


Lesson Learned.

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